Using social media to find English lexical blends

By November 17, 2016,
Page 846-854
Author Paul Cook
Title Using social media to find English lexical blends
Abstract We present a method for identifying English lexical blends — words such as complisult (compliment + insult) and globesity (global + obesity) — from social media, specifically Twitter. Our method is based on observations about words and phrases that are commonly used to introduce new words and corpus patterns that are often used to describe the meaning of lexical blends, and leverages the massive volume of data that is readily-available for analysis through Twitter. We run our method for 5 weeks and identify 976 candidate lexical blends; analysis of a sample of these candidates indicates that approximately 57% are blends. We further discuss a small number of blends identified by our method that are in regular usage on Twitter but which are not recorded in any of a number of dictionaries searched.
Session Other topics
Keywords lexical blends, neologisms, computational lexicography, social media, Twitter
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