Velázquez de la Cadena y la lexicografía bilingüe inglés / espanol

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1105-1114
Author Cecilio Garriga Escribano, Raquel Gállego Paz
Title Velázquez de la Cadena y la lexicografía bilingüe inglés / espanol
Abstract Mariano Velázquez de la Cadena (Mexico City 1778 - New York 1860), professor at Columbia University, was the author of a bilingual English-Spanish dictionary of great prestige, which is subsequently reissued and revised even today. However, the dictionary is a relatively unknown work, primarily because bilingual dictionaries have not been the focal point of much attention by researchers, and secondly, because the dictionary's sphere of influence has been centered in the United States. If we survey the primary literature, we can see that the work is referred to inaccurately. At first glance it is clear that this is an innovative dictionary that is clearly rooted in the Spanish lexicographical tradition that emerged in the mid-19th century at a significant point in the revival of Spanish lexicography. Likewise, as a bilingual dictionary that aims to meet the needs of American students, it manages to escape the asphyxiating dominion exercised by the Royal Academy in the field of Spanish lexicography. In this study, the characteristics of A Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages are examined in detail in terms of both their macrostructure and microstructure, and special attention is paid to how the sciences technical fields are treated lexically, as they constitute one of the realms most sensitive to revival during this period. All of this is duly contextualised within contemporary lexicographical trends.
Session 6. Historical and Scholarly Lexicography and Etymology
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