Verb Constructions in Learners’ Dictionaries

By November 17, 2016,
Page 747-757
Author Paul Bogaards, Willem A. van der Kloot
Title Verb Constructions in Learners’ Dictionaries
Abstract Bogaards and Van der KIoot (2001) did not find evidence that differences between the systems used for giving information about verb completion in three learners' dictionaries produced consistent differences in usability and correctness. Nevertheless, it is not satisfactory to conclude that the differences that exist in the ways dictionaries present syntactical information about possible or obligatory constructions with verbs make no difference at all for the user. The research to be reported in this paper again tries to investigate differences among dictionaries, but focuses more on aspects ofusability, excluding aspects offindability, which may have been one of the confusing factors in the former experiment. Four sources of information about verb constructions are distinguished and tested for their frequency of use and for their usefulness. Three groups of high intermediate and advanced students of English (total N = 117) underlined the information used in manipulated parts of lemmas and completed the translation of twelve Dutch sentences. The results of this experiment indicate that different groups ofsubjects show different patterns of preference for different types of information, and that all types of information lead generally to high proportions of correct translations.
Session AILA Symposium on the Use of Learners' Dictionaries
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