Wissen, Wissensrepräsentation und Printwörterbücher

By November 17, 2016,
Page 15-38
Author Herbert Ernst Wiegand
Title Wissen, Wissensrepräsentation und Printwörterbücher
Abstract This contribution deals with problems concerning the questions, which concept of knowledge is suitable for General language lexicography and if printed dictionaries or parts of them can be regarded as representations of knowledge. First of all, I will propose a truth-related term of knowledge, which allows holding lexicographers responsible for their products. I want to point out, that not texts but just human individuals can be described as carriers of knowledge. Natural language texts are data representations. Knowledge is created intrapersonally by means of input data. On the basis of a critical view on various uses of representation, I will vote for a formal concept of representation defining the relation of representation as a function. Highly condensed and highly standardized dictionary articles show a specific formal-syntactic format, whose positions are filled with textual fragments of natural language. The specific structure of such dictionary articles makes it possible, that during the dictionary use the article-internal data concerning the linguistic form, according to which a user-in-actu constructs an answer to his query, represents the linguistic knowledge of the user-in-actu. On the other hand, the meaning knowledge, that the user-in-actu has ascertained, is not represented by the article-internal text segments, because of the involvement of comprehension processes which assume the knowledge of meanings of linguistic terms mentioned in the article. One consequence of this contribution to dictionary research may be, that the current approaches within computational lexicography for the extraction of semantic information from printed dictionaries must be criticised as leading astray.
Session PART 1 - Plenary Papers
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