Word – morpheme balance in dictionary-making

By November 17, 2016,
Page 405-410
Author Abraham Solomonick
Title Word – morpheme balance in dictionary-making
Abstract Lexicography should be based on the dual dependency of nearly every dictionary entry; word dependence and morpheme dependence. The overt or implied assumption that lexicography deals only with words and their combinations is, therefore, misleading. I will attempt to prove the correctness of this statement for any particular language, since all languages constitute sign-systems, combining the denotational character of the word with its membership in the system, organizing all signs including words, into a comprehensible and coherent whole. One mechanism of such organization, also indispensable for dictionary-making, is morpheme division and subdivision. In practical lexicography every dictionary item is already based on this division.
Session PART 4 - Linguistics in Lexicography
Keywords morpheme/word combination, morpheme/word continuum, run-on entry, flection entry, root morpheme.
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