XD-AT: A Cross-Dictionary Annotation Tool

Page 503-508
Author Charlotte Buxton, Meritxell Gonzàlez, Roser Saurí
Title XD-AT: A Cross-Dictionary Annotation Tool
Abstract Linking lexical datasets to each other is a key strategy for expanding and enriching their content with additional data from other resources. However, different resources show significant differences in the degree of granularity of the lexicographic information. Thus, while extending more coarse-grained datasets with content from fine-grained ones seems a feasible task, the other way around cannot be tackled directly. For this reason, linking datasets at the level of meaning rather than word level is essential. But also, for the same reason, word alignment at the level of meaning is a challenging task not yet solved. Within this context, we created XD-AT, a web-based annotation tool aimed to assist humans to annotate linked sense pairs across dictionaries. In this work, we focus in XDAT’s main functionalities, capabilities and potential extensions, such as reusability and adaptability. For example, although XD-AT has been implemented to classify the type of relationship between linked senses from an English monolingual dictionary and the English side of bilingual ones, XD-AT can also be extended into a more general annotation tool for marking up any type of crossdictionary mappings at the sense level.
Session Lexicography and Language Technologies
Keywords annotation tool; sense linking; dictionary mark-up; meaning overlap
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