“Game of Words”: Play the Game, Clean the Database

Page 41-49
Author Špela Arhar Holdt, Nataša Logar, Eva Pori, Iztok Kosem
Title “Game of Words”: Play the Game, Clean the Database
Abstract The paper presents the “Game of Words” (in Slovene: Igra besed), a mobile application purposed for a gamified improvement of two automatically compiled dictionaries for Slovene: the Collocations Dictionary of Modern Slovene and the Thesaurus of Modern Slovene. We provide a brief history of the game, and introduce its two modules that utilize collocation and synonym data respectively. A significant part of the paper is dedicated to the presentation of all the steps of the preparation of both datasets; this included addressing challenges brought by automatically extracted data from the corpus, and filtering out sensitive content considering the potential users. Crowdsourcing aspects of the game are discussed, especially in terms of the lessons learned in the development process, and how one needs to strike a good balance between the lexicographic intentions, numerous possibilities of using language information, and the enjoyment and motivation of playing the game. The paper concludes by outlining future plans, including further developments of the game both on the level of game modules and languages offered, in the framework of European projects and initiatives.
Session Research on Dictionary Use
Keywords Game of Words; GWAP; collocations; synonyms; crowdsourcing; gamification; responsive dictionary
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